Vision Wide NF4223


VISION WIDE portal milling machine NF4233 – The portal machining centre with a 4200x2700x1400 mm working field provides the possibility of 5-axis machining indexed using an interchangeable head. The load-bearing structure of the centre is made entirely as cast iron castings, which contributes to effective vibration damping and gives the machine above-average rigidity. The 22/26 kW spindle with two-speed transmission allows heavy roughing and at the same time provides sufficient rotational speed for efficient finishing. The whole is controlled by the Heidenhain controller, which in cooperation with the company’s scales is able to maintain accuracy of up to 0.02 mm over the entire surface of the table.

Working field:
X = 4200 mm
Y = 2700 mm (clearance between columns)
Z = 1400 mm

Feed rate:
0 – 18000 mm/min

Electric with gearbox 2 – speed
Toolholder – SK50
Continuous power – 22 kW
Instantaneous power– 26 kW
Maximum speed – 6000 obr/min

Heidenhain iTNC530 + scales
Accessory equipment:
– Head 5-axis indexed : Axis A every 5°, axis C every 1°.
–Tool room 40 positional
– The Renishaw workpiece probe
– The Renishaw tool probe



The MAZAK VTC 800/30SR machining centre is a high-performance 4-axis machining centre with a working field of 3000x800x720 and a tilting cone spindle BT40. The machine’s geometry – a mobile column and fixed table provide flexibility in machining. In addition, the machine can be equipped with a turntable and thus obtain a machine with 5 simultaneous controlled axes. The latest MAZAK Smooth control system ensures accurate and efficient surface treatment of complex shapes – accuracy of 0.003 on the whole surface of the table. The spindle with a power of 26/35kW and a maximum rotation speed of 18000 rpm provides versatility in various machining strategies. The possibility of partitioning the table allows for assembly of the workpiece during machine operation on the second half of the table – for smaller workpieces 2-position palletization is possible.

Working field
X = 3000 mm
Y = 800 mm
Z = 720 mm

Feed rate
0 – 50 000 mm/min

Electric – direct drive, tilt.
Toolholder – BT40
Continuous power – 26 kW
Instantaneous power – 35 kW
Maximum speed– 18000 obr/min

Mazak SmoothX

Accessory equipment:
– preparation for the rotary table
–tool room 48 positional
– workpiece probe
– tool probe
– Table partition (division of the table into 2 sections – one is working, the second is ready for assembly/disassembly of the workpiece.

MAZAK Quick Turn 250 MSY


MAZAK QuickTurn 250 MSY turning centre is a versatile turning and milling machine with an additional intercepting spindle. The machine has the ability to turn workpieces contained in the working field with dimensions of D380 x 590mm. The 12-position tool revolver with driven tools offers a wide range of turning and milling operations on one machine, and the intercepting spindle also offers the possibility of complete machining of the workpiece without additional clamping. In addition, the direct drive of the main spindle ensures the contour accuracy of the workpieces being machined and enables the turning of workpieces from the bar to the diameter of D80 mm.

maximum rolling diameter : 380 mm
maximum overflight over the cradle: 695 mm
maximum bar turning diameter : 80mm
maximum rolling length: 590 mm

main spindle holder: 10”
Intercept spindle holder: 6”

main spindle power: 26 kW / 30 min / max. 4000 obr/min
intercept spindle power: 11 kW / 25% / max 6000 obr/min

Turret head:
12 position storeroom – 12 pieces of powered tools:
Milling spindle power: 6 kW (40%)

Work shifts:
X = 234 mm
Y = 100 mm
Z = 625 mm

Mazak SmoothC

Eckert CNC SZAFIR 2x6m with 3D head


PThe gas plasma cutting machine ECKERT SZAFIR with a working area for cutting sheet metal up to 6000×2000 or two 3000×2000 mm sheets satisfies the demand for cut parts from sheets intended for welded structures or for further plastic processing. The powerful Kjellberg HiFocus 280i Neo plasma source and the PerCut 451M torch allows cutting of sheet metal up to a maximum thickness of 70 mm and a puncture of up to 40 mm. On the other hand, sheets up to a thickness of 200 mm can be cut with a gas burner powered by Propane. In addition, our machine has the possibility of 5-axis cutting, which allows you to make bevelling, and has been prepared for the rotor allowing you to machine metallurgical profiles. Cleanliness is ensured by sectional lashings installed in the machining table and filtration with heat recovery.

Working field::

Cutting thicknesses:
0,5 – 200 mm

Cutting thicknesses:
do 40 mm

working feed rates ::
0-25000 mm/min

Plasma source:
Kjellberg HiFocus 280i Neo with the Pericut 451M burner

Controlling ECS 872 + SigmaNEST 3D

Additional options:
– possibility of cutting out steel profiles
– possibility of cutting metal sheets 6000×2000 or 2x 3000×2000

SAFAN DARLEY E-Brake 160T – 3100 NS


The SAFAN DARLEY E-BRAKE 160T-3100NS servoelectric press brake covers our plant’s demand for bent sheet metal parts. Sophisticated press geometry ensures full sheet metal bending capabilities up to 3100 mm in length, while servo-electric drives ensure fast operation and energy efficiency of the machine. Automatically adjustable buffers speed up the work and ensure repeatability of the workpiece setting on the press, while the bending accuracy is ensured by the plate thickness measurement system and the belt drive of the bending beam, appropriate to the actual plate thickness, which guarantees uniform pressure along the entire length of the beam.

Tonnage: 160 T
Bending length: 3100 mm
Stroke: 300 mm
Clearance: 590 mm
Stroke speed: 100 mm/s
Bending speed: 10 mm/s
Engine power: 22 kW
Standard tool mounting: Wila

Controlling EC30 equipped with 2 monitors and SigmaBend software for the technology department.

Heat treatment station


Heat treatment station, furnace for the seasoning of welded structures – large-size device for heat treatment of welded parts

  • • Internal dimensions:
    1. lenght: 5 ± 0,1m
    2. width 3 ± 0,1m
    3. hight 2 ± 0,1m
  • Supporting structure made of steel profiles, ensuring load capacity of 2 tons – the deformation of the supporting structure should not exceed 1 mm at 280°C.
  • Heating unit equipped with a minimum of two gas burners with a total heating power P ≥ 300kW, having a high flow rate min. 40 : 1
  • • Natural gas-fired burners GZ-50 type E equipped with gas paths enabling connection to the main gas pipeline with a connection capacity of 60 kPa, and an air system enabling operation at overpressure of up to 10 mbar at 280°C.
  • Heating flame of the burner placed in a special heat-resistant, perforated casing pipe, whose task is to direct the heat stream and protect the flame against blowing out.
  • Komora ogrzewana spalinami wyposażona w minimum dwa kominy spalinowe o średnicy ≥ 160 mm z automatyczną regulacją przepływu spalin w zależności od temperatury i ciśnienia wewnątrz komory
  • Exhaust gas heated chamber with a minimum of two flue gas chimneys with a diameter of ≥ 160 mm with automatic regulation of the exhaust gas flow depending on the temperature and pressure inside the chamber.
  • Superior control of the operation of the device enabling: slow heating to the desired temperature, maintenance of constant temperature (± 5°C) throughout the chamber volume i.e. 280°C for 15 hours and its slow cooling i.e. 50°C for each 1 hour.
  • Process control system with a minimum of 4 temperature sensors to ensure continuous monitoring of the heat treatment process.
  • The unit distributes hot air inside the whole chamber consisting of process fans or internal mixers.

Nikon LK Metrology EVO25.15.12


Nikon LK Metrology measuring machine EVO25.15.12 with contact scanning module SP25M-2

  • Measuring range of the machine: X = 2540 mm, y = 1525 mm, Z =1220 mm
  • Swivel head with 7.5-degree graduation + contact scanning probe with stylus and 6-port magazine. Up to 105 mm long styli can be installed.
  • Laser scan head can be attached to the scanning head
  • Maximum permissible load of the machine measured with a part of 2400 kg
  • Accuracy of machine contact measurements according to ISO 10360 at 18-22 ̊ C:

– MPEP lower or equal 2,1 [µm]

– MPEE lower or equal 2,1+L/375 [µm]

– MPETHP lower or equal e 4,2 / 59s

  • The CMM Manager software is compatible with the Smart 4m 7 axis arm software, i.e. it can run these programs on the measuring arms and vice versa.

Measuring arm Smart 4m 7 axis


Measuring arm Smart 4m 7 axis

  • Length measurement error less than +/- 0,080mm
  • Uncertainty of measurement according to ASME B89.4.22, SPAT test lower than 0,069mm
  • Standard lithium-ion battery for unpowered operation, with a contact measurement time of at least 15 hours per charge.
  • The CMM Manager measuring software is compatible with the EVO25.15.12 portal CMM software, i.e. programs written on the measuring arm can be run on the EVO25.15.12 portal CMM and vice versa.
  • • Possibility to connect different probes:

– rigid probe for contact measurement with automatic laser scanner probe detection,
– touch-trigger probe,
– laser forks for tube measurement.

SciTeex Venus PB-VC 1043


Dust-free painting cabin SciTeex Venus PB-VC 1043 for wet painting of dimensions 9600 x 3900 x 2900 together with the WIWA Airless Professional painting unit enable the application of paint coats and their temperature curing on the elements produced in our factory.

Internal dimensions of the cabin:
Length : 9600mm
Width : 3900 mm
Height: 2900 mm

Gate clearances:
Width: 3700 mm
Height: 2900 mm

number of zones: 1

Supply air/extractor unit: RDH-500 G2E7

Flow: 40 000 m3/h

Engine power: 18,5 kW (15 kW – exhaust)

Burner: RS34 MZ TC

Installed power: 270 kW

Medium: Natural gas

Ventilation according to Class EU3