Thanks to equipping the plant with modern processing machines, we provide services for the automotive and aviation industry and we produce our own process machines and entire technological lines containing advanced technical solutions.

We perform CNC machining:

  • Complex press tool components for automotive sheet metal – including bodies and forming elements – made of cast iron which require special care and accuracy.
  • Components and complete equipment for aviation.
  • Machine bodies and gearboxes.
  • Welded and sheet metal constructions.
  • Small and large machine elements.
  • Small and medium series and unit elements.

We are able to machine prismatic parts

– 4200x2700x1300 – Vision Wide NF4223 in 3 axles up to 10 tonnes

– 3500x2200x1000 – Vision Wide NF4223 in 5 axes indexed to 10 tonnes

– 3000x800x780 – in 4 continuous axles up to 2.5 tonnes

– 1000x420x450 – in 3 axles

– 1200x900x120 – in 3 axes – light machining (aluminium and plastics only)

And rotating parts:

– D380x590 – turning + 4 axial milling.


Cutting profiles:

– Maximum 250×250 – band saw

Thanks to the best specialists, excellent tools and modern machines, we are able to perform machining under difficult conditions, such as

  1. boring of the D70H8 borehole at a depth of 750 mm.
  2. Pocket milling at a depth of 420 mm with a minimum radius of pocket rounding of 31.5 mm.
  3. Milling of planes for slide plates with a tolerance of +/-0.02 to a depth of up to 150 mm.



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