The Company

WJATECH Sp. z o.o. has its roots in the merging of business entities notable for their long experience in mechanical, automation and special equipment engineering.

In-depth experience

We apply this in the design of manufacturing processes for the machining of components for single-piece, small and large series production. We design and build the required machines, equipment and components using advanced 30 CAD, CAM and CAE tools.

Our profound engineering know-how and years of professional experience acquired with advanced foreign manufacturers helps us to build machinery and equipment according to the best global standards. Mechanical engineering is our passion, while our motto remains: “We Can Do It Better".

We provide professional and reliable services within strict lead times, giving due attention to the details and business integrity. Our aim is to deliver products of the best performance and quality.

Why hesitate – we are here to help!

In 2017, the shareholders decided to further expand the company and build a new, larger production facility in Zaczernie in the municipality of Trzebownisko. The development area of the new facility is 3,900 m². The construction was completed in 2018.


The new production plant of WJATECH Sp. z o.o. with its social-administrative part is located in the Special Economic Zone of the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park on the southern side of the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport.”


Example projects